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How To Prepare Jellof Rice

How To Prepare Jellof Rice


How To Prepare Jellof Rice

Welcome to another edition of how to cook and recipes on this edition we are going to learn how to prepare Jellof rice the procedures, ingredients needed and every single thing you need to know on the preparations of Jellof rice

We actually noticed that’s lots of people find it very difficult to prepare Jellof rice, while some knows how to prepare it but would want to learn advanced methods on how to prepare a better by far tasty Jellof Rice. So here we are going to learn about how to cook Jellof rice.

Jellof rice is a one kind of known delicious meal in Africa, at least nine hundred out of a thousand homes had ones or more than ones in their life time prepared and eaten Jellof Rice. One cannot resist the sweet aroma of this delicious meal.

Now let’s look at the health benefits of eating Jollof rice

1. Eating Jellof Rice Lowers the risk of high blood pressure.

2. Eating Jellof rice Lowers the risk of heart diseases and problems.

3. Eating Jellof Rice has the nutrients to kill prostate cancer cells

4. Eating Jellof Rice Reduces the risk of cancer

5. Eating Jellof Rice helps fight inflammations.

Mistakes to avoid when preparing Jellof Rice:-

1. Please do not add too much groundnut oil to the Jellof Rice when frying it so as to limit the calories in preparing the rice.

2. Allow the tomatoes to burn a little bit I didn’t say much ooo a little bit so that the taste of the tomatoes will come out very well

3. Avoid using butter in combination with groundnut oil when cooking Jellof as it is not good

Now let’s take a look at the history of Jellof Rice:-

The history of Jollof could be traced as far back as some years in a place called Senegambia in the West Africa region of Africa where it was popular known as benachin.

Now let’s go into the list of things needed

1. Your pot

2. Heating materials like your stove, gas cooler or firewood.

3. Raw Rice

4 fresh or tinned tomatoes

5. Your fish, meat or whatever one you want to use.

6. Your ingredients that’s spicy

7. Your crayfish

8. Onion ball

Preparation of the ingredients:-

1. Slice the fresh tomatoes or grind it according to how you want it to be

2. Slice the onion ball into little pieces

3. If you are to use ice fish or fresh fish, wash it very well to make sure the blood stains are off the fish wash and rinse it for at least three times

Now let’s start with the cooking procedures.

First of all wash all cooking appliances thereby practicing proper hygiene. Now light up your heating material place the clean pot on the fire pour a clean water in it lots of water, pour your rice and allow it to boil for five minutes stir it and them pour out the rice inside a clean bowl use a seave and stir the rice thoroughly now seave the water out of the rice now pour another clean inside the rice and wash it very well and pour the rice into a small basket so the whole water will be served out from the rice.

Now keep the seaved out rice one place, now place the pot on the fire allowing it to dry up for at least 20 seconds monitor the pot closely to make sure its dry now add pour your groundnut oil inside the pot allow some minutes let’s say something like two minutes then now pour the already chopped onion inside the oil and stir the onion together with the oil for like two minutes now pour the fresh tomatoes inside the oil and also stir it for few minutes and add the tinned tomatoes stir and make sure the tomatoes is a little bit dry and reddish
Then add the spicy, pepper, Maggi, salt and all other spicy you would want to add to your taste allow the water itself to boil repeatedly for seven to eight minutes now pour the rice inside the boiling water stir it and pour your crayfish, stir the rice repeatedly now then leave the rice on the heating equipment for the water to dry up then when is dries for th first time take a little out of it and tatse to see if the rice is well cooked, if it’s not well cooked you add another water to the rice and wait for some minutes again for the water to dry up.

When the water dries for the second time tatse it so know if the rice is well cooked and up to your taste. Now when everything is done dish out the rice In a clean plate and serve for you to enjoy.

Remember that the preparation of Jellof is easy and also hard depending on how someone wants to keep his or her hair down to prepare the sweet Jellof Rice, like I said earlier on ninety nice out of a thousand homes in Africa had eaten a prepared Jellof for ones or more than ones in their life but according to the analysis not every one knows how to prepare this Jellof Rice to a very concrete and unique taste. Some people do prepare Jellof Rice with carrots, green beans, and sweet corn while some other persons will prepare Jellof using red oil this in igbo language is known as (ewurewu) this kind of (Ewurewu) is also very sweet when prepared with enough crayfish and onions but to some middle classed citizens would prefer preparing Jellof Rice with tinned tomatoes to their taste.

CONCLUSION:- at this point we are going to conclude the preparations of the sweet Jellof Rice hope you learned something today on this edition of how to cook and recipes our next edition will soon be released and I hope you will be very much interested in learning another cooking skills and styles of preparing another kind of classic dish. Do well to share this post to whomever you want to

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