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How To Prepare Porridge Beans And Plantain

How To Prepare Porridge Beans And Plantain

How To Prepare Porridge Beans And Plantain

How To Prepare Porridge Beans And Plantain

Welcome to another edition of how to cook and recipes today we are going to learn how to prepare Porridge Beans in combination with plantain. Porridge beans and plantain is a kind of delicious and wonderful meal here in Africa, most especially here in Nigeria. If you travel down to the Eastern part of Nigeria you would notice lots of food vendors do sell this particular food.

For example ishieke in Ebonyi State where have lived for three years now, is a student environment, most food vendors their deals mostly on selling beans and Plantain cause majority of the people who occupies this place are students and they are very much inlove with the food, most times one can eat this food everyday of the week because of being addicted to the food. A friend of mine Charles would spend his last penny just to eat this wonderful meal.

To me this porridge beans and plantain has a special place in my heart cause once I eat this kind of food I feel very much satisfied, the aroma gives joy to the heart infact I can hardly resist the aroma of this food cause am just too addicted to it, looking at the great picture of the combo beans and plantain the oil roaming around it like a snow on mount everest looks yummy to those understands how it works. Far back as when mum would prepare this tasty food their is this unexpected joy that comes into the heart the very moment you see her selecting the beans.

Porridge beans here in Africa is a well respected meal cause of the nutrients it contains, in combination with plantain. Meanwhile porridge beans and plantains to some they believe it’s a kind of food when eaten stays more ours in the stomach before one starts feeling hungry again. Well we are not here to tell stories of how the food is being enjoyed but here to learn how the food is been prepared

Before we proceed to the methods and preparations of porridge beans let’s look at the health benefits of Beans

1. Protein:-
According to research and studies it has been proven that beans possess a high level of amino acids which helps in the growth of body systems

2. Healthy Heart:-

Beans contains nutrients that helps keep the heart healthy and helps the heart fight against diseases that attacks it, if someone consumes a high rate of beans is less likely not to experience anything called cardiac heart problems

3. Beans contains Antioxidants:- according to researches reports from food scientists it was proven that beans contains Antioxidants that helps fights risky chemicals that the body produces

4. Reduces Risk Of Cancer:- the antioxidants that’s beans contains helps fight inflammatory agents in the body that’s reduces the risk of one developing cancer

5. Helps Fight Diabetes:- due to the fiber abeans possess it helps reduces and stabilize blood glucose in the body that helps prevent diabetes


Now let’s look at the health benefits of Plantain which is to be prepared in combination with beans

1. Weight Loss:-
Due to the high rate of fiber plantain contains it helps in Weight loss

2 Strengthen Of The Bones:-

It is said that plantain contains a very rich calcium but only Unripe plantain possess such nutrients which aids in stronger muscles and bones, one might want to ask why I mentioned Unriped plantain is because of the health proven facts.

3. Energy Giving Food:-
A ripped Plantain as a food contains carbohydrates and we know carbohydrates is an energy giving foods

4. Treating Diabetes:-
Plantain contains a nutrients that helps fight diabetes

5. Anaemia:-
Plantain contains mineral and iron which helps to aid red blood cells

Now let’s go into the preparations for the days recipes and the things needed for the preparations.

1. Measurements of the beans be it white or brown beans

2. Pot, heating materials be it stove, gas cooker and firewood

3. Red oil, crayfish, Maggi, salt, onions

4. And a clean and hygiene water.

Starting with picking of the beans to remove the charfs and stones so as to make the beans clean now then take the measurements of the beans you want to cook.

Allow the beans to be heated for at least thirty minutes and check the beans to know if it’s well cooked, if it’s not yet well cooked add more water to it. Continue checking the beans to make sure its done, now slice the onions and pour it into the beans pleases take note do not pour your ingredients inside the beans when it is not well cooked cause it won’t look nice and sweet after allowing it for some minutes now slice the plantain bits by bits in small pieces when you are done cover the pot and allow the Plantain to heat together with the beans for some minutes.

NOTE:- Make sure the beans and the Plantain is well cooked so that when turned it will be well softed

Now when you would have poured the onions and the plantain inside the beans allow for some minutes, monitor the food closely to make sure the water does not get dried and if you noticed its getting dried add a little water to it and pour your crayfish, the Maggi, salt, pepper, every ingredients you want to use allow them for some minutes approximately three minutes so the ingredients won’t taste raw.

When all this steps has been followed closely now use your spoon to stir the beans continuously until it looks like a porridge yam. Now your porridge beans and Plantain is ready to serve, get a clean plate and serve the food.

CONCLUSION:- thank you for spending time to read our today’s edition of how to cook and recipes hope you enjoyed your time reading through our today’s edition please do well to always check out on our new blog posts as more editions will soon be released, please also help us by sharing this information with your loved ones

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