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How To Process Cassava Flour

How To Process Cassava Flour

How To Process Cassava Into Garri

How To Process Cassava Flour (Garri)

Good day thank you for coming back again to read our blog post on how to cook and recipes. On today’s edition we are going to learn how to turn Cassava into garri, the procedures might sound funny to you but one has to follow the instructions diligently.

Garri is a wide known food here in West Africa most especially in the Easter part of Nigeria where its been cherished and respected by both old and young persons, some persons in the Eastern part of Nigeria has this belief that any house hold that doesn’t have up to a painter of garri are filled with lazy sets of people or probably they are trying to behave like foreigners or betterstill they don’t have a farmland to plant and harvest Cassava which is processed to garri

Garri is best enjoyed when made with hot water and eaten with a very nice local soup or soaked in cold water and sugar, groundnut and milk. To me I do enjoy it most when made with hot water cause of the starchy nutrients, if you get the opportunity of eating garri that has enough starch your will not even think of eating semo or any other rolled balled foods

Let’s take a look at the health benefits of garri (Cassava Flour)

1. Energy:- it has been proven by heth experts that garri contains calories and 99.9% of carbohydrates and as we all know carbohydrates is an energy giving food, when garri is been made and eaten with soup or even soaked in water adding it sugar and milk provides maximum energy which one needs to carry out daily activities

2. Preventions of cancer:- many would not believe this cause it has been said that garri contains 99% carbohydrates and one might wonder how possible is garri to help prevent cancer, this is it garri contains vitamin B17 and fibre which helps the red blood cell in someone’s body that fights dieseases. Thats why it’s very rare to see those who always consume garri experience cancer related problems

3. Helps In Keeping A Healthy Eye:– garri as food under carbohydrates and know as energy giving food also contains vitamin that helps prevent eye problems like blindness, long or short sight seeing

4. Rich In Fibre:- garri contains a rich fibre that aids the digestive system, garri when consumed either been made with hot water and eaten with soup or soaked in cold water and sugar added to eat helps to protect the body from cardiovascular diseases

5. Immune system:-  garri contains vitamins and magnesium that helps one immune system to be stronger against diseases and also helps in making the bones and muscles stronger

As I have outlined the health benefits of garri I would also like to list out the negative side effects of garri when consumed too much

1. Garri when consumed too much either as a cereal or a made with hot water eaten with soup contains cyanide that is harmful to the eyes

2. Garri should be consumed within a specified period of time anything from 8pm to 6am garri should not be consumed cause it might lead to stomach cramps.

3. Garri contains carbohydrates that leads to weight gain when consumed much.

Now let’s start with the garri processing from the basics.

I will be using a particular community Izombe in imo state eastern part of Nigeria to give illustrations of the Cassava processing because I have experienced it with them.

It starts from around May during the planting season in Izombe. You have to clear the unwanted weeds from the family and the weeds will be burnt so the ash will serve as a fertilizer to the farm lands now around April or May you have to buy Cassava stem from the market cut it into pieces arrange them in bags as many as they are.

Take this stem to your farm land and plant them by digging holes and burying the stems, Cassava stem planting is only on first market day (Eke) or on the forth market day (Nkwo) because here in the Eastern part of Nigeria we have four markets days, this has been so for ages

Now one has to wait for five to six months to enable the Cassava to mature then you harvest the Cassavas on Nkwo market day, take it home peel off the Cassava backs wash them in clean waters without soup or detergents ooo, wash the Cassava twice after that, you take it to where it will be grounded, there are engines that is been used for grounding Cassava, after that one has to tire the grounded Cassava and allow it to for at least 15 hours for the whole water to dry off.

The garri have to be shifterd with a shifter to remove the unwanted sharfs from the grounded Cassava

Once the water is dried one has to get a big thick frying pan for frying of the garri
The frying pan won’t be added oil oo just a dried thick pan, measure out the quantity of the grounded cassava you want to fry, pour the Cassava into the dry pan and stir it continuously for as least fifteen minutes. Or you have to stir it until the Cassava flour gets dried then you turn it into a dry basin or bowl, do the Same repeatedly until the whole thing is done.

CONCLUSION:- hope you have learnt something from today’s edition of cooking and recipes hope you will still come back to read another edition when released, for those who doesn’t have idea of how to process garri (Cassava flour) I hope you find this article helpful. And those who just felt like reading this article just to learn other ways of processing Cassava flour I also hope this article helps you too. do well to drop a comment and recommend us to change it wherever you find wanting and we will do so and please share this information with people around you so they can learn something new

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