Home Foods and recipes How To Process Okro To The Finish Stage Of Consumption

How To Process Okro To The Finish Stage Of Consumption

How To Process Okro To The Finish Stage Of Consumption

How To Process Okro To The Finish Stage of consumption

How To Process Okro To The Finish Stage of consumption.

Hello dear how are you doing I presume each and every one of us out there is doing just fine. We all know how hard times are but we must never give up on life, life is all about ups and down but we must keep on toiling onward and pressing forward life divine to gain, we will ever make endeavors till we attain our goals.

Nevertheless we aren’t here for motivational speechs we are here to learn new things today on today’s edition of how to cook and recipes we are going to learn how to process Okro from the basics to the finish point of consumption. Like I said initially we are going to learn from the basics how it’s been planted, harvested and prepared for consumption.

Okro is well known respected vegetable all over the world, here in Nigeria Okro can be best enjoyed when prepared as a soup but many other people do prepare Okro using it for stew, sauce why some do cook Okro and eat it like that as a snack.

But to me Okro is best enjoyed well prepared as a soup yummy!! One can’t resist the aroma that guts from preparing Okro, gazing at the mini invincible lines drawn when trying to eat this one great meal, some do even prepare Okro As a stew and enjoy it with rice.

Let’s take a look at the health benefits of Okro.

1. Vitamins:- Okra as a vegetable contains lots of minerals, vitamins and fibers. We all know that the body needs all this to keep the immune system very strong so as to be able to fight against diseases

2. Aids Hair Growth:- Okro contains nutrients that enhance hair growths and making it stronger if applied on your hair. Well let me teach you how to use it though it’s not part of what we are to learn today.

(i) slice Okro into minis all size pour it into a small

(ii) filter out the water and add a little lemon juice

(iii) stir those mixtures thoroughly and apply mixture on your hair and wash it off after 10 to 15 minutes

3. Weight loss:- Okra is a vegetable that helps one in weight loss and those who wants to keep the body and soul fit Okra contains calories and fibres that helps loosen fat

4. Helps Pregnancy:- according to health experts it has been proven that Okro contains folic acids which will all know aids the formation of the neural tube of the fetus so it is actually advisable for pregnant women to eat okro

5. Helps Cure Diabetes:- Okro is very medicinal as it is believed to be a remedy for treating diabetes

6. Treatment Of Cancer:- according to medical reports Okra can be used to treat cancer because its lectin contains a kind of protein which kills human cancer cells

7. Okro is good for the eyes:- Okra is a very good vegetable for the eyes cause of its possessions of Vitamin A and anti-oxidants that helps fight cellular metabolism

This are not the only health benefits there are more proven health benefits of Okro which I wasn’t able to list but at least this five is OK for now

How to plant and harvest okro:-

Okro as initially stated is a vegetable which is related to hibiscus, the process for planting the rich nutritious vegetable is buy getting seeds of Okra dig a whole probably two to three inches bury the seeds and cover it. Make sure it’s exposed to direct sunlight water it every morning that’s if it’s planted in your garden but if planted in a loamy soil area just allow it and nature will take it course.

You are to wait for something like two months or three months for the Okro to grow and mature before you Start harvesting it, make sure you don’t harvest from the root just hold the head of any one you want to pluck and pull from the end, that’s how you will continue doing it until you harvest to your satisfaction.

In the aspects for the preparations of Okro for soup you will be needing your

I. Your okro
ii. Red oil
iii. Maggi, salt, crayfish, pepper and onion
iv. Meat and fish
V. Ugu leave

Preparations Of Okro As Soup:-

Now wash your meat thoroughly with clean water and little salt, make sure you wash off the red blood very well. Now put your meat inside a pot and boil for at least two minutes now then pour the meat out in a clean bowl.

Pour water inside a pot and pour oil inside, add your pepper and allow it to boil for some minutes now then slice your Okro to little pieces and pour it inside the boiling hot water and allow it to boil for 20 minutes, continue stirring the soup every 5 minutes so it will be burnt when you have confirmed the the Okro is now well cooked then pour your Maggi, salt, pepper and crayfish allow it for at least 3 minutes now then wash your Ugu leave and pour it inside the soup and stir it wait for 30 seconds and bring it down from the fire.

Please do not allow the Ugu leave to hit more than 30 seconds because it is believed that if cooked for a longer period of time, it looses its whole nutrients making it useless for consumption. So ones all this procedures have been duely followed your Okro soup is ready for consumption.

CONCLUSION:- please take notice this steps on how to process Okro from the basics to the consumption Level is my own procedures, there are many ways to plant, harvest and prepare Okro for consumption many persons have their own ways of doing there things but whichever way you will still get all done. Please do share this post to people who would want to learn this procedures.

Thank you for spending your time reading our todays blog post i really do appreciate your time and i look forward to still releasing more editions and I hope you like this one

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