Photo of the symbol of love

Photo of the symbol of love

The Fairytales Of Love

We all must have read the fairy tale stories once in our life. Fairy tale stories make us believe that true love does exist. Of course, it is quite difficult to find true love. However, we saw the Epic battles in fairy tales to find true love. It is very difficult to find true love in real life also. We are living in a society whose youth are addicted to tinder. They are not at all interested to find the true love story. Almost every single person is on hookups nowadays.

But whenever two people find Each Other their perfect Soulmate then, it is society who comes between them. society interferes the most in the life of a lesbian couple and a gay couple. However, there are so many countries in which lesbian and gay couples are very normal. But there are still many countries in which society hate lesbian and gay couples.

In this article, we have a story that is based on two lesbian girls. They are madly in love with each other. We are going to tell you, how society comes with their love and how they overcome society and used to live a happy life ever.

The lesbian couple

The story is all about two lesbian girls. One is Allen and the second is Jain. They both met on an online dating app. After talking for a week, they both went to their first date. When they saw Each Other, they forgot all about the outside world and fall in love with each other. It was love at first sight. Both were blushing. It was a coffee date. Allen took a sip of coffee and then jain took the same glass and had a sip of coffee. It was a very romantic date. Both were enjoying it very much. They were looking at each other’s eyes. They sit there for like 4 hours. After that, the date is done and they both went to their houses. Allen told his m -dad, that the experience is completely different and she finds the difference from other girls. Jain told the same to her parents. Their parents were so happy that finally their daughter’s found a soulmate. After that Allen and Jain used to talk to each other for hours. They went on several dates with each other.

They started falling for each other. One day Allen asked the Jain for a foreign trip and Jen said yes with a great excitement. . They both went on the trip and on the second night of the trip Allen took the Jain to a beautiful beach date. Allen and Jain dressed up in a very well mannered and they went to the beach date. It was a very beautiful setup. There were two chairs and a table in the center of the beach with a very beautiful decoration. They both sit on the chairs and they started talking to each other.

Allen was looking very nervous because she was about to propose Jain for marriage. After sometime Allan stood up and she falls on her knees and asked the Jain for marriage. Jain was on Cloud Nine and she said yes very excitedly. They both kissed each other and got married within a week. Now Allen and Jain both moved to a new society. They started living in their new houses. They found their neighbors very strange. Neighbors used to stare Allen and Jain badly. They spread rumors about Allen and Jain. They, use to talk shit about both of them. None of the corporate with them. Even no one used to talk to them. Society is not accepting the relationship between Allen and Jain. They were finding a lesbian couple very strange and they were thinking very bad about both of them. It made Allen and Jain very upset. But one day Allen and Jain took a stand for themselves.

They host a party in their house and invite all their neighbors. Once all the neighbors reach the party Allen took the mike and she Stands Up For her Love. She said that being a lesbian couple is not a crime. The government has allotted that a lesbian and gay couple can live together. Then why you guys are finding it a problem to accept both of us. Lesbian and gay also human and it is not their fault. They too have feelings. They also want the love of their life. Allen also said that if it was in her hands she would never choose to be lesbian.

She said that she finds her true Soulmate in Jain and what is wrong in it. Their parents are okay with heir relationship then, why you guys are not accepting us. What if your children are also gay and lesbians. Are you going to behave the same with them? She said to stop being ridiculous and accept our relationship. From that day the society took a lesson and they have started behaving well with both Allen and Jain. Now everything is fine. Their neighbors are corporate with them. They used to talk with them and now they not at all stare to Allen and Jain. After a few years, both of them adopt a baby girl and they have started living a happy life ever.

This is what we all should do in love.

Allen and Jain both are madly in love with each other and they don’t want to leave lose each other at any cost. Therefore, they took a stand against society, gave a lecture to them, and make them understand that being lesbian and gay is not a crime. Society understands it and now everything is fine. So, if you are also facing the same problem, you should definitely do the same . Take a stand for your love and fight with the whole world. Do not afraid of anyone and win the heart of your life. Be a permanent life partner of someone’s in the world of tinder.


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