Picture of couples on a date

Picture of couples on a date

Different Types Of Relationships

Do you ever think about different type of relationship? Yes there are many types of relationship; to be in a relationship is very important to our happiness and health.

A relationship usually expresses the bond, association, connection, and interaction between two or more people. There is no general definition of a good relationship but different type of people has different relationship. I think nothing could be more consequential than relationship. And as you know the fact, that relationship make the world go around.  I’m going to take a look on the basic relationship which you’ll have in your life. And these relationships have a great effect on our lives.

Family relationship

The primary type of interpersonal relationship we engaged in is that of family. Our family and relative are people; we are connected to through some form of kinship, whether it is bound of sharing blood, espousement, or romantic relationship. It’s made up parents, brother and sisters, grandparents, siblings, aunts, children, uncles, cousins, etc. these are the people which have an impact on both our physical and mental growth. Think about some of your past days when you were a child. Family taught you everything, how they developed you mental growth. Family taught you your religion and society. They also taught you how to survive in a society. Think about that monumental and formal moment, in which family was with you that time.
Family relationship is for life-long time, although children become teenagers and then adults. But remember that not every family relationship is perfect and life-long, trust me, there are ups and downs.

Try to look for sign of trust, reliability, and to have a strong communication with family members. A healthy relationship can be a lifelong source of support.

Aged relationship

An Aged relationship is one in which we feel strong attraction to the other person, both personality and physically. That type of relationship often seems the most complicated, because there having the desire to be with the person always.
An Aged relationship exists between a boyfriend and girlfriend, or a boyfriend and boyfriend, or girlfriend and girlfriend or it exists in life partners (when married). People in Aged relationship always stay in contact in every possible way, by phone or they live together.

An Aged relationship is the closest form of relationship, because people in that relation feel strong connection and bond and they are in “love” that they don’t feel with anyone else. This is such a close relationship in which various type of physical contact is allowed which would not be appropriate in any other kind of relationship.

Serious or dating relationship

This kind of relationship is for marriage purpose. The primary aim of this relationship is to get marriage, both the partner monitor and observe each other to avoid the mistakes of marrying the wrong person.  It’s important to make a romantic relationship and choose a wonderful partner to understand you. A successful wonderful relationship can be built on love, trust, respect, support and acceptance.


Friendship is the type of relationship than can come and go with time; we may not have the same friends we did when we were child. Friends are the people who are not related but choose to interact with. They are people we trust, respect, and want to spend time with.
Friends are the people you opt to. Like family relationship, the relationship you have with friends is built on similar value. A good friendship can keeps you honest, motivated, and feeling good about yourself.

There are varying degrees of friends, some are close friends (we’re not perfect without), and some friends, especially if they have only been known for short time.

Some people have many friends while some have one or two. Some people are close enough that they greet each other by hugging and kissing on the check. But I think wonderful contact is not appropriate in friendship.

As I mentioned above that not every family relationship is perfect and lifelong. The same situation is here with me. I have ups and down in my family relationship that why I prefer friendship. The one is lucky who have a good family relationship, but if not! Then i can suggest making close friendship. Spend more time with your close friends instead of family. Trust me; my suggestion will carry you to your goal.


Acquaintances are the people you may know but they are not your friends or relatives. They may be your neighbor whom you say “hello” if you see them in passing. Or they may be someone from college, work, or a friend of friend.
Acquaintances are the people with whose we come in contact again and again, having no close relation.
Acquaintanceships sometime can take place of friendship as you get to know the person better. Make a harmonious relationship with the people around you, such as people from college, friends of friend, neighbor etc. Be polite and respectful to acquaintances as they can help you avoid your stress and conflict.


As a social animals, human being are in close relationship with other people. If humans would have the characteristic to be alone and happy, the population would be a lot less but the bond and connection with other people is innate.
Some people are not compatible in a relationship and do not want to spend their lives together. On the other hand some people may be together for years or may be stay together for the rest of life.

Relationship can be of varying duration, but trust me it depends on you. The ability of making a healthy and good relationship is not innate but it is learned! One cannot ignore the fact that how much a relationship is important for human. Lack of close human relationship may be the result of anxiety, depression and other mental problems. To avoid such problems let’s make close relation. If you have, then try to make it better.


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