Photos of employees and their boss in office

Photos of employees and their boss in office

How to build up a good relationship with your boss

When we say ‘Boss’- you can imagine a rude, manipulative, angry man with a serious face, walking at every desk. Right? Bosses have a negative image in our life. Almost every man and woman go through tremendous work pressure if they are working in private companies. Private companies follow a strict timeline and deal with deadlines. If an employee can’t follow basic rules or do their job efficiently, then higher management can quickly terminate them.

So, if you are a fresher, then you don’t have any particular idea about how to deal with higher authorities and management team. Being a novice, you can’t have a strong personality, but you can be smart enough. If you are facing tremendous negative comments from your rude boss, then this article is for you. Here are some tips for maintaining a great social relationship with your toxic boss. Later, we will talk about how to make a good relationship with your higher authorities, maintaining a great personality!

The work environment should be healthy and vital.

If you are fresher, you have to keep some information in your mind. The first and foremost thing is- your first job will be the first name of your portfolio. So, maybe, you have joined a small company, but your designation matters. How? If you settle for the less, you will start your professional life with a small amount of money. So, your increment won’t be significant according to your designation. Increment always depends on your boss. As an employee, you have to keep it on your mind two things- working efficiently at the office and report daily to your boss. Your boss needs assurance from you first. Even if you are having a problem to cop up with the new office environment- your little effort makes your professional life smooth. So, try to report your boss every day to keep a progressive record of your work.

Strictly say NO to the family atmosphere at the office.

Yes! You have heard it right. A beginner wants a friendly and family environment at the office, and they get impressed by their polite bosses initially. It seems like you have a pleasant workplace, but deep down, this family atmosphere won’t lead you anywhere, and do you want to know why? Your progress goes slow if you are working in an unprofessional environment. A friendly atmosphere can’t be any factor. Your office environment should be friendly, but your boss and seniors must be professional. If they can’t carry any professional relationship, then a fresher can’t learn professionalism from their first job, then, it is his or her loss.

Look smart and be professional.

Whether it is a small private limited company or start-up company- a beginner must have a professional attitude and maintain a professional relationship with their seniors and boss. Maybe your boss is not experienced, then you have to make some smart moves. Unprofessional bosses are dangerous. They want a professional approach while assigning work; otherwise, your boss is not paying you well. Being a sincere employee, you have been working for your boss for one year, but he is not bothered about your increment- this is one of the instances of being unprofessional.

Don’t settle for less.

Being a fresher, you may think that you don’t deserve more than your boss is offering. A good boss never bargains with his employee. If your new boss keeps bargaining with you for your salary, make sure that he is a pure businessman with zero dignity. Generally, every company has an HR (Human Recourse) manager, but if your company doesn’t have any HR- then, you should think twice before joining the company.

Be a smart employee

If you are working in a small company with 10-12 employees, don’t take it casually. Every office has a rude boss and his office politics. It doesn’t matter whether your office comprises ten people or 1000- there will be a blind competition between you and others if you belong to the same work team. So, an earnest employee can be the victim of office politics. So, you don’t need to worry. A fresher doesn’t need to do much. Just observe your boss, keenly. There must be some employees with whom he is closer. You should see what kind of person he is- whether he plays mindful games or shoot his words in front of everyone! Maybe he seems polite while talking to you but giving enormous credit to other employees. Then, you have to be smart enough to deal with this kind of personality.

Maybe he continually tells you negative things- your work hard doesn’t even count here, but he can’t sack you because of his right image. Then, take advantage of this. Always be humble, inform of him, and don’t say any harsh word. If he is playing unprofessional, you have to be a professional employee so that your boss can’t say anything against you.

Make a regular chat

As an employee, you don’t have to make a personal relationship because it seems that sometimes professional relationships lose their formality when it gets personal. All you can do is- have regular communication with your boss regarding your job and your progress. The discussion should be formal, and through this discussion, your boss will get a positive sign about you. He will understand that you, as a fresher, want to learn new things. The regular conversation also helps you to know your boss more closely. It is a common scenario at the same office that your fellow employee has a great rapport with your boss, and for that reason, he is getting a more lucrative offer than you. It would help if you acted smart but think smarter.

Maintain a healthy relationship with your colleagues

Your whole personality can significantly impact your boss, even how you are dealing with your colleagues. So, maintain a reasonable distance but be a friendly colleague to them. Many bosses can’t misbehave with their employees for the sake of their loving image so that they assign the most challenging task to them. If this thing happens to you, don’t be scared. Take any tough assignment as a professional and make it possible. Let your success speaks louder than your words.


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