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How To Deal With Your Depressive Lover

We all know that break up hurts more than anything. If you are in your mid-20s and a saturated relationship but one fine day, you get to know that your long term boyfriend or your charming girlfriend doesn’t sound right- then, what should you do? Day by day, your loving partner doesn’t show any interest in you, and you are not even getting it.

Your cute girlfriend gets angry with little things. She makes an argument on the silly matter- you probably think that it is a phrase or just her mood swings. But, her tantrums make your life insecure and uncertain. If you are getting all these kinds of signs- then, please be aware!! Let’s talk about some simple steps you should follow when your lover is facing severe depression.

1. Know your partner’s case history in details

Undoubtedly, you are having 1 or 2 years relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend, and both are engaged. Suddenly, you come across the fact that your fiancé has Bipolar disorder- we know that it is tough to handle. Firstly, you should see the case history of your lover’s depression point- why she goes into a deep depression? Why is she feeling blue all the time? As we know, depression has no reason, and any happy and prosperous human being can go through this. You need not worry first, take time, and give your partner firm mental support.

2. be optimistic

Being your partner’s support, you have to be optimistic initially. It would help if you didn’t overreact on your lover that could be harmful to your relationship. Keep your head healthy and give your lover the maximum mental strength.

3 Convince your lover to appoint a psychiatrist

You are a loyal person, and you don’t want to finish the relationship surely, so you have to convince your partner that she needs serious counseling to lead her life happily. Many people don’t want to go for therapy or session as they are scared of norms and society.

4. Plan for surprising dinner or go-out

It sounds a bit odd because you already get to know that your partner is in depression, but you are trying your best to hold on to the relationship. You can arrange a surprising romantic dine out only for both of you. Don’t expect any hot night as she maybe not be interested in making love with you. But, make an effort that helps you to revive the relationship.

5. Visit your lover’s place frequently

Yes! If a person is depressive, he or she never wants to go out with anyone. Then? What should you do? Being a responsible partner give a surprise visit frequently. This little effort can bring a smile on your lover’s face instantly. If you have access to your home, you can easily take care of your lover.

6. Don’t think about your Unsual Life

Yeah! It is true that when your partner is in depressive mode- you can’t you don’t talk to them about their Unsual lifestyle. But, physical relationship is one of the essential parts of love life. What should you do then? Are you going to break up with him? A BIG NO!!! Give your partner some time. If your partner is going through severe crisis, then you have to patient enough.

7. Postpone your marriage idea

If both of you are planning for your marriage, then the most important suggestion is DON’T! Now, this is not the right time to get married. Drop the idea and focus on your lover’s mental issue. Some depression stays for a lifetime, and clinical depression can be healed through proper medication, love, and support. First, you should be patient enough to deal with your partner’s mood swings, arrogant behavior, and tantrums. Don’t ruin your relationship for depression as it can be cured, but don’t extend your marriage plan either.

8. Focus on your career

If you are middle of your successful career and want to get promoted but can’t focus on it, then let me tell you a harsh reality. Your career will not wait for anyone. If you lose your focus now, you’ll be terminated from your company. So, don’t compromise when it’s about your bright future. True love will wait for you, but your career will not wait for anything. So, as an expert, the humble suggestion is to be focused on your career.

9. Feeling hopeless for your depressive lover?

This is genuinely normal to feel sad when your lover is not in a good mental state. You will not feel good about your love life. The shocking fact is your lover will not be the same person you used to know. There will be some changes in love and as well as in your Unsual life as your partner won’t respond in the same way. Break up proposal is also very common from your partner’s side. He or she doesn’t want you to leave you, but they will apparently tell you to end the relationship mutually. Maybe, it makes you feel sad, but it is a temporary phase. You have to be positive and lead your life naturally.

10. Engage your lover in various activities

A depressive person doesn’t want to face the real world, and so, as your partner. But, staying at home without any activity makes him or her an idle brain. So, if your partner is not doing anything professionally, then you should encourage him or her and suggest them to do something creative. Any kind of creative activity will make your partner busy. Maybe she loves to sing; then, you should tell her to learn new instruments and compose some music. If your boyfriend is a talented painter and left painting for his career, then you should buy some canvas and colors for him as a cheerful gift. If a depressive person does smoothing creativity, he or she will not feel alone. Meantime you can focus on your own career and life too.

I hope this article gives you some serious suggestion on the relationship and bring happiness in your love life!


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