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How To Process Okro To The Finish Stage Of Consumption


How To Process Okro To The Finish Stage of consumption

How To Process Okro To The Finish Stage of consumption.

Hello dear how are you doing I presume each and every one of us out there is doing just fine. We all know how hard times are but we must never give up on life, life is all about ups and down but we must keep on toiling onward and pressing forward life divine to gain, we will ever make endeavors till we attain our goals.

Nevertheless we aren’t here for motivational speechs we are here to learn new things today on today’s edition of how to cook and recipes we are going to learn how to process Okro from the basics to the finish point of consumption. Like I said initially we are going to learn from the basics how it’s been planted, harvested and prepared for consumption.

Okro is well known respected vegetable all over the world, here in Nigeria Okro can be best enjoyed when prepared as a soup but many other people do prepare Okro using it for stew, sauce why some do cook Okro and eat it like that as a snack.

But to me Okro is best enjoyed well prepared as a soup yummy!! One can’t resist the aroma that guts from preparing Okro, gazing at the mini invincible lines drawn when trying to eat this one great meal, some do even prepare Okro As a stew and enjoy it with rice.

Let’s take a look at the health benefits of Okro.

1. Vitamins:- Okra as a vegetable contains lots of minerals, vitamins and fibers. We all know that the body needs all this to keep the immune system very strong so as to be able to fight against diseases

2. Aids Hair Growth:- Okro contains nutrients that enhance hair growths and making it stronger if applied on your hair. Well let me teach you how to use it though it’s not part of what we are to learn today.

(i) slice Okro into minis all size pour it into a small

(ii) filter out the water and add a little lemon juice

(iii) stir those mixtures thoroughly and apply mixture on your hair and wash it off after 10 to 15 minutes

3. Weight loss:- Okra is a vegetable that helps one in weight loss and those who wants to keep the body and soul fit Okra contains calories and fibres that helps loosen fat

4. Helps Pregnancy:- according to health experts it has been proven that Okro contains folic acids which will all know aids the formation of the neural tube of the fetus so it is actually advisable for pregnant women to eat okro

5. Helps Cure Diabetes:- Okro is very medicinal as it is believed to be a remedy for treating diabetes

6. Treatment Of Cancer:- according to medical reports Okra can be used to treat cancer because its lectin contains a kind of protein which kills human cancer cells

7. Okro is good for the eyes:- Okra is a very good vegetable for the eyes cause of its possessions of Vitamin A and anti-oxidants that helps fight cellular metabolism

This are not the only health benefits there are more proven health benefits of Okro which I wasn’t able to list but at least this five is OK for now

How to plant and harvest okro:-

Okro as initially stated is a vegetable which is related to hibiscus, the process for planting the rich nutritious vegetable is buy getting seeds of Okra dig a whole probably two to three inches bury the seeds and cover it. Make sure it’s exposed to direct sunlight water it every morning that’s if it’s planted in your garden but if planted in a loamy soil area just allow it and nature will take it course.

You are to wait for something like two months or three months for the Okro to grow and mature before you Start harvesting it, make sure you don’t harvest from the root just hold the head of any one you want to pluck and pull from the end, that’s how you will continue doing it until you harvest to your satisfaction.

In the aspects for the preparations of Okro for soup you will be needing your

I. Your okro
ii. Red oil
iii. Maggi, salt, crayfish, pepper and onion
iv. Meat and fish
V. Ugu leave

Preparations Of Okro As Soup:-

Now wash your meat thoroughly with clean water and little salt, make sure you wash off the red blood very well. Now put your meat inside a pot and boil for at least two minutes now then pour the meat out in a clean bowl.

Pour water inside a pot and pour oil inside, add your pepper and allow it to boil for some minutes now then slice your Okro to little pieces and pour it inside the boiling hot water and allow it to boil for 20 minutes, continue stirring the soup every 5 minutes so it will be burnt when you have confirmed the the Okro is now well cooked then pour your Maggi, salt, pepper and crayfish allow it for at least 3 minutes now then wash your Ugu leave and pour it inside the soup and stir it wait for 30 seconds and bring it down from the fire.

Please do not allow the Ugu leave to hit more than 30 seconds because it is believed that if cooked for a longer period of time, it looses its whole nutrients making it useless for consumption. So ones all this procedures have been duely followed your Okro soup is ready for consumption.

CONCLUSION:- please take notice this steps on how to process Okro from the basics to the consumption Level is my own procedures, there are many ways to plant, harvest and prepare Okro for consumption many persons have their own ways of doing there things but whichever way you will still get all done. Please do share this post to people who would want to learn this procedures.

Thank you for spending your time reading our todays blog post i really do appreciate your time and i look forward to still releasing more editions and I hope you like this one

How To Process Cassava Flour


How To Process Cassava Into Garri

How To Process Cassava Flour (Garri)

Good day thank you for coming back again to read our blog post on how to cook and recipes. On today’s edition we are going to learn how to turn Cassava into garri, the procedures might sound funny to you but one has to follow the instructions diligently.

Garri is a wide known food here in West Africa most especially in the Easter part of Nigeria where its been cherished and respected by both old and young persons, some persons in the Eastern part of Nigeria has this belief that any house hold that doesn’t have up to a painter of garri are filled with lazy sets of people or probably they are trying to behave like foreigners or betterstill they don’t have a farmland to plant and harvest Cassava which is processed to garri

Garri is best enjoyed when made with hot water and eaten with a very nice local soup or soaked in cold water and sugar, groundnut and milk. To me I do enjoy it most when made with hot water cause of the starchy nutrients, if you get the opportunity of eating garri that has enough starch your will not even think of eating semo or any other rolled balled foods

Let’s take a look at the health benefits of garri (Cassava Flour)

1. Energy:- it has been proven by heth experts that garri contains calories and 99.9% of carbohydrates and as we all know carbohydrates is an energy giving food, when garri is been made and eaten with soup or even soaked in water adding it sugar and milk provides maximum energy which one needs to carry out daily activities

2. Preventions of cancer:- many would not believe this cause it has been said that garri contains 99% carbohydrates and one might wonder how possible is garri to help prevent cancer, this is it garri contains vitamin B17 and fibre which helps the red blood cell in someone’s body that fights dieseases. Thats why it’s very rare to see those who always consume garri experience cancer related problems

3. Helps In Keeping A Healthy Eye:– garri as food under carbohydrates and know as energy giving food also contains vitamin that helps prevent eye problems like blindness, long or short sight seeing

4. Rich In Fibre:- garri contains a rich fibre that aids the digestive system, garri when consumed either been made with hot water and eaten with soup or soaked in cold water and sugar added to eat helps to protect the body from cardiovascular diseases

5. Immune system:-  garri contains vitamins and magnesium that helps one immune system to be stronger against diseases and also helps in making the bones and muscles stronger

As I have outlined the health benefits of garri I would also like to list out the negative side effects of garri when consumed too much

1. Garri when consumed too much either as a cereal or a made with hot water eaten with soup contains cyanide that is harmful to the eyes

2. Garri should be consumed within a specified period of time anything from 8pm to 6am garri should not be consumed cause it might lead to stomach cramps.

3. Garri contains carbohydrates that leads to weight gain when consumed much.

Now let’s start with the garri processing from the basics.

I will be using a particular community Izombe in imo state eastern part of Nigeria to give illustrations of the Cassava processing because I have experienced it with them.

It starts from around May during the planting season in Izombe. You have to clear the unwanted weeds from the family and the weeds will be burnt so the ash will serve as a fertilizer to the farm lands now around April or May you have to buy Cassava stem from the market cut it into pieces arrange them in bags as many as they are.

Take this stem to your farm land and plant them by digging holes and burying the stems, Cassava stem planting is only on first market day (Eke) or on the forth market day (Nkwo) because here in the Eastern part of Nigeria we have four markets days, this has been so for ages

Now one has to wait for five to six months to enable the Cassava to mature then you harvest the Cassavas on Nkwo market day, take it home peel off the Cassava backs wash them in clean waters without soup or detergents ooo, wash the Cassava twice after that, you take it to where it will be grounded, there are engines that is been used for grounding Cassava, after that one has to tire the grounded Cassava and allow it to for at least 15 hours for the whole water to dry off.

The garri have to be shifterd with a shifter to remove the unwanted sharfs from the grounded Cassava

Once the water is dried one has to get a big thick frying pan for frying of the garri
The frying pan won’t be added oil oo just a dried thick pan, measure out the quantity of the grounded cassava you want to fry, pour the Cassava into the dry pan and stir it continuously for as least fifteen minutes. Or you have to stir it until the Cassava flour gets dried then you turn it into a dry basin or bowl, do the Same repeatedly until the whole thing is done.

CONCLUSION:- hope you have learnt something from today’s edition of cooking and recipes hope you will still come back to read another edition when released, for those who doesn’t have idea of how to process garri (Cassava flour) I hope you find this article helpful. And those who just felt like reading this article just to learn other ways of processing Cassava flour I also hope this article helps you too. do well to drop a comment and recommend us to change it wherever you find wanting and we will do so and please share this information with people around you so they can learn something new

How To Prepare Jellof Rice



How To Prepare Jellof Rice

Welcome to another edition of how to cook and recipes on this edition we are going to learn how to prepare Jellof rice the procedures, ingredients needed and every single thing you need to know on the preparations of Jellof rice

We actually noticed that’s lots of people find it very difficult to prepare Jellof rice, while some knows how to prepare it but would want to learn advanced methods on how to prepare a better by far tasty Jellof Rice. So here we are going to learn about how to cook Jellof rice.

Jellof rice is a one kind of known delicious meal in Africa, at least nine hundred out of a thousand homes had ones or more than ones in their life time prepared and eaten Jellof Rice. One cannot resist the sweet aroma of this delicious meal.

Now let’s look at the health benefits of eating Jollof rice

1. Eating Jellof Rice Lowers the risk of high blood pressure.

2. Eating Jellof rice Lowers the risk of heart diseases and problems.

3. Eating Jellof Rice has the nutrients to kill prostate cancer cells

4. Eating Jellof Rice Reduces the risk of cancer

5. Eating Jellof Rice helps fight inflammations.

Mistakes to avoid when preparing Jellof Rice:-

1. Please do not add too much groundnut oil to the Jellof Rice when frying it so as to limit the calories in preparing the rice.

2. Allow the tomatoes to burn a little bit I didn’t say much ooo a little bit so that the taste of the tomatoes will come out very well

3. Avoid using butter in combination with groundnut oil when cooking Jellof as it is not good

Now let’s take a look at the history of Jellof Rice:-

The history of Jollof could be traced as far back as some years in a place called Senegambia in the West Africa region of Africa where it was popular known as benachin.

Now let’s go into the list of things needed

1. Your pot

2. Heating materials like your stove, gas cooler or firewood.

3. Raw Rice

4 fresh or tinned tomatoes

5. Your fish, meat or whatever one you want to use.

6. Your ingredients that’s spicy

7. Your crayfish

8. Onion ball

Preparation of the ingredients:-

1. Slice the fresh tomatoes or grind it according to how you want it to be

2. Slice the onion ball into little pieces

3. If you are to use ice fish or fresh fish, wash it very well to make sure the blood stains are off the fish wash and rinse it for at least three times

Now let’s start with the cooking procedures.

First of all wash all cooking appliances thereby practicing proper hygiene. Now light up your heating material place the clean pot on the fire pour a clean water in it lots of water, pour your rice and allow it to boil for five minutes stir it and them pour out the rice inside a clean bowl use a seave and stir the rice thoroughly now seave the water out of the rice now pour another clean inside the rice and wash it very well and pour the rice into a small basket so the whole water will be served out from the rice.

Now keep the seaved out rice one place, now place the pot on the fire allowing it to dry up for at least 20 seconds monitor the pot closely to make sure its dry now add pour your groundnut oil inside the pot allow some minutes let’s say something like two minutes then now pour the already chopped onion inside the oil and stir the onion together with the oil for like two minutes now pour the fresh tomatoes inside the oil and also stir it for few minutes and add the tinned tomatoes stir and make sure the tomatoes is a little bit dry and reddish
Then add the spicy, pepper, Maggi, salt and all other spicy you would want to add to your taste allow the water itself to boil repeatedly for seven to eight minutes now pour the rice inside the boiling water stir it and pour your crayfish, stir the rice repeatedly now then leave the rice on the heating equipment for the water to dry up then when is dries for th first time take a little out of it and tatse to see if the rice is well cooked, if it’s not well cooked you add another water to the rice and wait for some minutes again for the water to dry up.

When the water dries for the second time tatse it so know if the rice is well cooked and up to your taste. Now when everything is done dish out the rice In a clean plate and serve for you to enjoy.

Remember that the preparation of Jellof is easy and also hard depending on how someone wants to keep his or her hair down to prepare the sweet Jellof Rice, like I said earlier on ninety nice out of a thousand homes in Africa had eaten a prepared Jellof for ones or more than ones in their life but according to the analysis not every one knows how to prepare this Jellof Rice to a very concrete and unique taste. Some people do prepare Jellof Rice with carrots, green beans, and sweet corn while some other persons will prepare Jellof using red oil this in igbo language is known as (ewurewu) this kind of (Ewurewu) is also very sweet when prepared with enough crayfish and onions but to some middle classed citizens would prefer preparing Jellof Rice with tinned tomatoes to their taste.

CONCLUSION:- at this point we are going to conclude the preparations of the sweet Jellof Rice hope you learned something today on this edition of how to cook and recipes our next edition will soon be released and I hope you will be very much interested in learning another cooking skills and styles of preparing another kind of classic dish. Do well to share this post to whomever you want to

How To Prepare Porridge Beans And Plantain


How To Prepare Porridge Beans And Plantain

How To Prepare Porridge Beans And Plantain

Welcome to another edition of how to cook and recipes today we are going to learn how to prepare Porridge Beans in combination with plantain. Porridge beans and plantain is a kind of delicious and wonderful meal here in Africa, most especially here in Nigeria. If you travel down to the Eastern part of Nigeria you would notice lots of food vendors do sell this particular food.

For example ishieke in Ebonyi State where have lived for three years now, is a student environment, most food vendors their deals mostly on selling beans and Plantain cause majority of the people who occupies this place are students and they are very much inlove with the food, most times one can eat this food everyday of the week because of being addicted to the food. A friend of mine Charles would spend his last penny just to eat this wonderful meal.

To me this porridge beans and plantain has a special place in my heart cause once I eat this kind of food I feel very much satisfied, the aroma gives joy to the heart infact I can hardly resist the aroma of this food cause am just too addicted to it, looking at the great picture of the combo beans and plantain the oil roaming around it like a snow on mount everest looks yummy to those understands how it works. Far back as when mum would prepare this tasty food their is this unexpected joy that comes into the heart the very moment you see her selecting the beans.

Porridge beans here in Africa is a well respected meal cause of the nutrients it contains, in combination with plantain. Meanwhile porridge beans and plantains to some they believe it’s a kind of food when eaten stays more ours in the stomach before one starts feeling hungry again. Well we are not here to tell stories of how the food is being enjoyed but here to learn how the food is been prepared

Before we proceed to the methods and preparations of porridge beans let’s look at the health benefits of Beans

1. Protein:-
According to research and studies it has been proven that beans possess a high level of amino acids which helps in the growth of body systems

2. Healthy Heart:-

Beans contains nutrients that helps keep the heart healthy and helps the heart fight against diseases that attacks it, if someone consumes a high rate of beans is less likely not to experience anything called cardiac heart problems

3. Beans contains Antioxidants:- according to researches reports from food scientists it was proven that beans contains Antioxidants that helps fights risky chemicals that the body produces

4. Reduces Risk Of Cancer:- the antioxidants that’s beans contains helps fight inflammatory agents in the body that’s reduces the risk of one developing cancer

5. Helps Fight Diabetes:- due to the fiber abeans possess it helps reduces and stabilize blood glucose in the body that helps prevent diabetes


Now let’s look at the health benefits of Plantain which is to be prepared in combination with beans

1. Weight Loss:-
Due to the high rate of fiber plantain contains it helps in Weight loss

2 Strengthen Of The Bones:-

It is said that plantain contains a very rich calcium but only Unripe plantain possess such nutrients which aids in stronger muscles and bones, one might want to ask why I mentioned Unriped plantain is because of the health proven facts.

3. Energy Giving Food:-
A ripped Plantain as a food contains carbohydrates and we know carbohydrates is an energy giving foods

4. Treating Diabetes:-
Plantain contains a nutrients that helps fight diabetes

5. Anaemia:-
Plantain contains mineral and iron which helps to aid red blood cells

Now let’s go into the preparations for the days recipes and the things needed for the preparations.

1. Measurements of the beans be it white or brown beans

2. Pot, heating materials be it stove, gas cooker and firewood

3. Red oil, crayfish, Maggi, salt, onions

4. And a clean and hygiene water.

Starting with picking of the beans to remove the charfs and stones so as to make the beans clean now then take the measurements of the beans you want to cook.

Allow the beans to be heated for at least thirty minutes and check the beans to know if it’s well cooked, if it’s not yet well cooked add more water to it. Continue checking the beans to make sure its done, now slice the onions and pour it into the beans pleases take note do not pour your ingredients inside the beans when it is not well cooked cause it won’t look nice and sweet after allowing it for some minutes now slice the plantain bits by bits in small pieces when you are done cover the pot and allow the Plantain to heat together with the beans for some minutes.

NOTE:- Make sure the beans and the Plantain is well cooked so that when turned it will be well softed

Now when you would have poured the onions and the plantain inside the beans allow for some minutes, monitor the food closely to make sure the water does not get dried and if you noticed its getting dried add a little water to it and pour your crayfish, the Maggi, salt, pepper, every ingredients you want to use allow them for some minutes approximately three minutes so the ingredients won’t taste raw.

When all this steps has been followed closely now use your spoon to stir the beans continuously until it looks like a porridge yam. Now your porridge beans and Plantain is ready to serve, get a clean plate and serve the food.

CONCLUSION:- thank you for spending time to read our today’s edition of how to cook and recipes hope you enjoyed your time reading through our today’s edition please do well to always check out on our new blog posts as more editions will soon be released, please also help us by sharing this information with your loved ones

How To Prepare Rice And Stew


How To Prepare Rice And Stew

Good day welcome to starter versions of studying the way to prepare dinner and recipes. On present day version we’re going to learn how to put together Rice and stew initially we’re going to listing out substances wished for the white rice and a way to put together it earlier than moving to that of stew.

1. Raw Rice be it foreign or neighborhood rice
2. Pot
three. Water
four a gasoline cooker, stove or neighborhood firewood

Now allow’s begin On the training of rice.

Starting with a way to prepare a white rice one would like on the training strategies by using first of all put water inside a pot, light up your gas cooker, stove or firewood positioned the placed on the fireplace then degree the quantity of rice you need to prepare pour it inside the pot. Sorry we did mention that we are going to start with the system of consistent with boiling the rice first.

So allow the rice to poil for a few mins, let’s consider at the least 5 minutes then carry it down from the heat and wash thoroughly,

approaches For washing a white rice this consists of getting a bowl, seave for seaving out the water after which pour out the rice within the bowl you as said above use the seave to stir the rice poured inner bowl then pour the water out, pour the cold water inside the rice and wash it along with your palms, but by means of working towards proper hygiene one need to use the seave to stir the rice thoroughly to ensure the unwanted starch comes out from the rice.
Now then pour every other smooth water in the pot, mild up your heating cloth and placed the pot on it and allow it to boil for about twenty minutes you then check the the rice is achieved then and a touch salt to the rice and a bit water, if the rice isn’t but down you are high-quality suggested not to add salt yet and upload masses of water so as the rice to be properly cooked. Now then watch for any other 20 min via then the rice could have been cooked properly then take a pitch taste It to see if it is accomplished, if it’s executed then, turn off the heating fabric after which bring down the pot of rice make sure the water is dried earlier than bringing it down.

Now lets go to the Aspect Of getting ready stew and the Ingredients needed for getting ready stew.

Now based at the ingredients for making ready stew you will be needing

1. Fresh tomatoes
2. Tined tomatoes if wanted
3. Groundnut oil
4. A balll of onion maybe one or two relying on how properly you operate onion
five. Your stew spices, the spices is based totally in step with your personal tastes.
6. Maggi, salt, ginger if you do use it.
7. Your beef, fish, inventory fish or which ever one you want to apply
8. Your pepper, curry be it the leave or dry one

Now all this components is to be arranged before starting to prepare dinner for example the tomatoes wishes to be chopped or grounded it truly is one and two reducing the onions in keeping with the manner you want it to be.

Now let’s start the preparations for the stew. On our very own side we can be the usage of specific substances which might not tally to your form of cooking recipes

Now our approaches are as follows, starting with using beef, put the red meat inside a bowl and a touch pitch of salt pour warm water into Eat and wash very well then after which you rinse the pork with some other smooth water without using salt after that pour the beef within the pot, mild up your heating fabric, then positioned it on fireplace permitting it to boil for as a minimum 5 mins then then pour the beef out right into a clean bowl or plate then cover it to avoid germs from it.

Now region a dry pot on the hearth make sure their is no water within the, if the pot is dry simply vicinity it on the fire and display it intently to make sure it is dry, please do now not permit it extra than 30sec to avoid fire Hazzards. Now as soon as the pot is dry pour your groundnut oil inside the pot after which permit it for two mins even as ready chop the onion balls wanted for making the stew, so like I said wait for 2 minutes whilst it is executed now pour the onion into the pot that the groundnut oil its in, stir for at the least one to two minutes now upload your already sliced sparkling tomatoes, stir it for two minutes then allow it to boil. While looking forward to it to boil you are to stir it at the least each one minute to make sure it does not get burnt.

While stirring the tomatoes and you noticed it is done, then you definately pour to your tinned tomatoes to make it thicker than it changed into, you still continue the procedure of stirring the the tomatoes till the tomatoes are a touch bit dried and very reddish. Now you upload you stew ingredients it truly is the spices, already grounded ginger and garlics to flavor, and the Maggi, salt, pepper, grounded curry or its go away not stir the condiments very well and water to it.

NOTE:- the water is to be measured shall we embrace 120 to 150cl of water so the stew may be thick motive if it’s watery it won’t be top searching and the taste won’t be proper for one if you want to devour.

Now when you have introduced all this to it, pour your already boiled meat Into the stew and allow the stew to boil for twenty minutes, after waiting now take a bit of the stew and flavor it to ensure its up for your taste. If the stew isn’t up in your flavor, it truly is the ingredients then you definitely need to feature more or little of the formerly introduced ingredients.

CONCLUSION:- Now that each one this is ready you serve the meals and experience what you cooked. Thank you for reading this edition of learning the way to prepare dinner and recipes. Please do go to our website for greater editions as we usually replace our internet site on new versions, thanks and stay Safe